The panel that had people hawking their tickets for $100 bucks!

D23 day two.  The big, big, big panel that had everyone buzzing happened today!

Question is, was it worth it?

For those who don’t attend conventions on a regular basis, when something big like today’s Disney Live Action Movie Panel happens. you best be lined up by 4 am.  I was in line at 5:00am so I could bring you this amazing coverage. Sleep isn’t that important… right?  The panel wasn’t set to take place until 10:30am.  Filling the 3000 plus arena, Disney chief, Alan Horn took center stage after a very lovey sizzle reel that gave us a taste to what we were in for. After breaking down the obvious that we all knew about the buy outs of Marvel and Lucasfilm, Horn began the presentation with the one thing most people were there for

Star Wars.

Here’s summing up what was said:

“There’s a new film coming summer of 2015, directed by JJ Abrams.  More later”

That’s it.  No title, no casting.  Nothing.  Safe to say a lot of people were pissed. Most of them had been in line since 330 am and others had spent upwards of $90.00 bucks on their passes on the secondary market.  For what was supposed to be Disney’s big Hall H no holds barred presentation, there was absolutely diddly about Star Wars.

Horn immediately moved onto Marvel, where Kevin Feige talked Thor: The Dark World.  We were then shown footage from the film. The first clip was that of the battlefield sequence in the new trailer.  But we see more of the Warriors three and Sif doing a lot of slaying.  Thor arrives and starts beating the holy hell out of everyone.  He then smashes what looks like the alien from his first appearance comic.  After that was over, we were presented with the trailer, and another extended scene.  This one was of Jane Foster on Asgard being looked over by Asgardian healer.  There’s some energy in her.  Thor and Odin get into it over Jane being on Asgard.  When Odin tries to have her removed, she  zaps the men that try and the energy wave intensifies in her.  Odin is convinced what’s wrong with her is dark magic.

We were greeted by Tom Hiddleston, Sir Anthony Hopkins and Natalie Portman on stage, who BS’d for 10 minutes.

After that it was Captain America: The Winter Solider.  We were shown the Comic Con footage which looked great.  Afterwards Anthony Mackie, Sebastian Stan and Chris Evans took to the stage and had Evens talking about going to Disneyland.  We were then shown a very rough clip from the film. In it Black Widow is asking Cap about dating, but he changes the subject and jumps out of a plane and into the sea below where he takes out a bunch of thugs on a cargo boat.  He’s soon followed by Black Widow.  There were several incomplete, rough CG shots in that sequence, but it looked AMAZING!

Comic Con Guardians of the Galaxy trailer/ footage and the Avengers: Age of Ultron  teaser were then shown.  Got a good response from the crowd.  Though personally, I can’t wait for Guardians.  It looks so, different, but fun.  The Captain America footage was peh0nominal as well.

After Disney Nature’s Bears we got to Disney Studios, which gave us a full song from Muppets Most Wanted.  We learn that a frog who looks like Kermit is using the muppets for his personal gain.  A song sung by “not Kermit” and Ricky Gervais about him being number 1 and Gervais being number 2 was shown in full.

From there we went into Cinderella, with a video from Kenneth Branagh talking and showing pre-production artwork which looked lovely.

Following that was the first footage for Maleficent.   The footage was almost verbatim the opening of Sleeping Beauty, but live action instead.  Interesting stuff,  a quick appearance by Angelina Jolie, and it was on to Tomorrowland.  Brad Bird and Damon Lindelof came out with the 1952 chest and rummaged through it before being shown an animation reel talking about the World of Tomorrow.

Finally things capped off with 3 scenes from Saving Mr. Banks.  Brilliant stuff.  I do feel it’s going to be an oscar contender.

That’s the skinny on what was the thing to see at D23 Expo 2013. If anything this particular panel was the reason Saturday even sold out. Stay tuned as our Editor, George will be putting up some video interviews from the Live Action Movie Panel at D23 Expo. He & I both just want to catch up on a little sleep as we didn’t get any last night due to standing in line for all of you, our wonderful readers.


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