Great Things About Being a Geek!


When Top Gun called me on that fateful day, just around a year ago, I had no idea we’d be where we are now!

It may not seem like we’ve come very far since we started but it’s been leaps and bounds. We started this idea with nothing more than a name and a partnership. We soon started a YouTube channel, Twitter account, and a Facebook page to help spread the word about toyz2men and it’s paid off.


One of the most rewarding things to happen: the partnerships. When we started, we had the idea to do a podcast and had absolutely no idea on where to begin. We reached out to Monkey in the Cage for help and they were more than forthcoming with information. Honestly, this surprised us because we were more or less going to be competitors. Monkey in the Cage also do podcasts and they’re hilarious! They really know their material and they’re great people. When we needed help with expansion, MITC was there again and got us hooked up with The Realm Cast. Check out Monkey in the Cage at!


The Realm Cast is based in California and they’ve been great about helping to promote toyz2men on the west coast and we return the favor on the east. They’ve gotten us media passes to comic cons and we’ve tried to pay that back with sound promos from various guests. They’re also sponsoring our website for a year! Another fantastic crew and they can be found at!


We also had logos created by Shawn Langley. He’s a local artist and he does great work. He’s also working on a comic called Earthruler by Darrin O’Toole so be sure to check that out! You can see Shawn’s work on his Facebook page, Shawn Langley’s Art and on his Deviant Art account at!


Let’s not forget about the Drunk Fanboys. They did a cross podcast with us via Skype and it was an absolute blast! Another thing that may seem small but it’s a big deal when a more popular group lends a hand and makes you feel appreciated. You can hear their awesome podcasts at

What I’m trying to say is, the relationships are one of the best things about being a geek. There are a few who would be the contradiction to what I’m about to say but geeks really support each other because this thing we do, is more than a hobby. It’s a passion. We’re always there to help out whenever we’re needed and no matter what universe you’re from, be it DC or Marvel, there’s always some type of common ground.

I used to be a big fan of the DC Universe but Marvel has slowly but surely taken me over. There have been countless times that I’ve had spirited debates with friends and family over which is better or even who’s the best superhero and no matter how much we disagree, we’re still geeks and we’re passionate about our opinions.

The support structures can range from a wide variety of things. Whether it be a like on a Facebook post, a retweet, or simply a message saying “Great work!”. No matter which option is selected, it’s a digital pat on the back and it means a lot to the person on the receiving end.

All of these things are awesome gestures that didn’t have to happen but they did. They just go to show how great it is to be a part of the geek community and we consider ourselves lucky to have a group of people like those mentioned to lend a helping hand. If you’re a geek and you’re hiding it, it’s time to announce your presence to the world! There are plenty of others just like you and there’s no reason to keep your geekiness a secret.

We just want to take this time to thank everyone who’s helped us out thus far and let you know that we really appreciate it! Hopefully this was just the first year of long partnerships!


About the author: Nathaniel aka Lunchbox can be found working full time as part of the two man team that make up Toyz2Men. Be sure to follow them on Twitter @toyz2men and check out their podcast by clicking here.


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