The Price Of Fun – A Batman Collector’s Dilemma


The cost of collectibles are collectively outrageous.     Well okay, I fall for it sometimes (all the time) but never the less…the price of a cup of coffee in Gotham City is criminal.

If you want to sip your dark roast brew from a Batman mug, it will cost you $13.95 at the DC Entertainment online store.

A piece from the incredibly cool and classy Black And White statue series used to be $50.00 – $60.00.    Now, some are closer to $80.00, sometimes more.   (Yes, a statue can be classy).

statue stock

And they want $80.00 for this 1:12 scale statue?  They are only six inches tall.  Size matters.


This is not being written from a place of jealousy.  My collection is quite large and includes some high end items.    This is something I started thinking about when Mattel started re-releasing the same Batman Movie Masters figure (above) over and over in different packaging.  Some argue that the paint jobs are different…sorry, they are all the same damn figure.


And an average of $300 – 400.00 for a Michael Keaton Hot Toys figure?  Let’s break it down:

The details are amazing.   The likeness to the actors are always amazing.   I’ll say that again, these things are AMAZING!   So, with our fictional reality so spot on,  so is our actual reality.

I’m assuming they must need  actor’s permission to produce these?   I’m also guessing that with those signatures come royalties?    What do you think it costs for Jack Nicholson’s approval?  The burden of this is passed on to the consumer, such is life.   But, the average American has bills.  Car payments,  insurance, gas, rent, mortgage, children and oh, I don’t know…food?

Some other over priced items:

$35.00 at DC Entertainment for a phone case?
$124.95 for the “Year One” maquette?
$794.00 for the (admittedly phenomenal) pewter chess set?

$629.00 for the Hot Toys ’89 Batmobile.   I don’t care how big it is, for that kind of money it better have a working engine – because I’d need it to look for a new place to live.

Fun should not drive a person into poverty.   Obsession does that.    Obsession is not fun.

Having said all that, I bought the life size limited edition gold utility belt.   Why?  Because they only made 750 of those bad boys!


Item stock photos (c) Warner Brothers / DC / Hot Toys


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