The Walking Dead final ratings are in. Not only did it destroy every single scripted show on every channel crated my man, but it was a whisker away from beating the NFL. It did an 8.2. There hasn’t been a scripted show on TV that’s done that kind of number in a dogs age. To compare, the highest rated scripted show normally is (sigh) Big Bang Theory. That did a 5.2. The math on an 8.2 is roughly 16 MILLION people watching people get eating by reanimated corpse. There’s something beautiful about that.

— By the way, catch the recap on our new podcast THE RUNDOWN.

— Marvel is riding so high on Agents of SHIELD right now that they got 4 new shows in development for other networks and cable. Hell even VOD. No word on what they’re planning on doing but I’d put money on a well placed New Universe series if I were a gambling man.

-Speaking of Marvel, they’re planning on going forward with their arena tour. Even though Batman Live kinda ate it on the road here in the state, it was a gloriously fun time. If Marvel can do half of that, I’ll go see it.

– More Concept art from Star Wars Rebels


– Dwayne The Rock Johnson joins San Andres. The earthquake movie. That’s apparently got franchise written all over it. I see the sequel now: Northridge- The Shaking of area code 91324!

-Nick Robinson is the first actor confirmed for Colin Trevorrow’s Jurassic World. He’ll be playing the bigger brother of the main character. One that might hold the power of taming the Spinosuar! (That’s a joke)

– Tron 3 is still very much alive according to writer Adam Horowitz.

– After Godzilla, and before Fast and Furious 7, my most anticipated film of 2014 is Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel. The first poster has been released with a who’s who of acting juggernauts in the tale of a hotel and it’s guests. Any thing Wes Anderson touches is deemed gold by me.


– IDW has discovered a way to finally cross over their various different licenses in the most brilliant way possible. The Lone Gunmen investigate: Transformers/Ninja Turtles.

Super Sonic super_sonic_by_aoki6311-d6qlcyp




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