EXCLUSIVE: AVENGERS 2: AGE OF ULTRON script page shows Jarvis IS Ultron


The debate continues back and forth online, in forums, on reddit boards and deep in the basements of several geek’s parents houses. We have been sent a page from the Avengers 2 script that seemingly puts all these arguments to rest… or does it?

We were emailed this supposed script page by someone claiming to be the roommate and friend of someone working on the pre-vis work for the upcoming Marvel blockbuster. It was sent to us with the following message:

“My college roommate is a visual effects artist in California. He worked on Avengers, Prometheus, Avatar, etc. – mostly as a digital set designer. His company is now doing pre-viz work on Avengers 2 – storyboarding, concepts, etc. They’ve been working from early drafts of a few key scenes, I guess.

He sent me this; told me it’s the pre-title scene for the movie. No clue if it is real, but it does tie into the leak about JARVIS going haywire and the humor seems like Whedon.”

then the attached page shown below (click to enlarge):


Now Chris and I have gone back and forth on this. Although this looks like it could potentially be authentic there has to be the consideration that scripts are in a constant state of change based on how things look to the filmmaker as the production moves forward. That aside there were some things that served as red flags to Chris that he’s going to chime in on below.

The problem that hit me right off the bat is the format of the script.  This is more in line with an older graphic novel format.  The pages above definitely aren’t what a proper screenplay script looks like. Here’s an example of Joss’s scripts with his Serenity screenplay.  It also reads like a fan script.  Dialog doesn’t flow, and it sounds overly cliche.  Like how a bunch of fans sitting around building the scene in their heads would sound.   Whedon dialog it is not.  Overall, it looks and feels like an overly enthusiastic fan recreation.

So there you have it folks. Decide for yourselves. Will Jarvis become Ultron in the new Avengers sequel or is Tony Stark freaking out for nothing in the image above?

Special thanks to Matt Kaufenberg for the Ultron artwork we used in making the teaser image above.



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