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Kevin Smith posted a bunch of updates about his man walrus film TUSK.  Filming isn’t quite complete, as there’s still 2 days of LA based shooting needed to accommodate the actor playing the Guy Lapointe, the detective on the Walrus case.  Smith has yet to reveal who’s playing that part.  Other bits is that he’s not going to make the Sundance premier, but will debut the trailer there.  He wants the film scored properly, and has hired Chris Drake (Batman The Dark Knight Returns) to score it.  There’s a whole slue of stuff including the base concept of how Justin Long‘s character comes across the Walrus Man.  Read on to get more.

– First look at The Rhino and the new Green Goblin in this Amazing Spider-Man 2 poster.  Rhino looks like his Ultimate counter part, and as for Goblin, I’ll wait til I see some footage.



David Goyer is now pretty much the big kahuna for Warner/DC when it comes to their films.  But what Goyer has in mind is actually something I think is more intriguing than Marvel’s current approach.  As part of his deal with Warners, he’s aiming to compliment the studio’s tent pole films with smaller lesser known DC movies.  2 films a year.  One spring, one fall, most under $40 million or less.  Titles being talked about are Team 7, Booster Gold, Deathstroke and Suicide Squad.  Sans Booster, the others are closer to lend themselves to be R rated features.  If anything, I’d be happy as a fat kid with a candy cane if we get a Suicide Squad film in the next two year.  The original series was grand, and the current one is one of the few DC titles I pick up on a regular basis.

More rumors of Wonder Woman in Batman/Superman (I refuse to call it by it’s VS title anymore until its official)  On that note, apparently Doomsday is in films too.  Take it for what you will.

-Even more insane news, with Arrow being the focal point of the new CW/DC TV universe, we are getting a Flash show as well.  But Warner’s isn’t done there.  They want more.  So why not make a show about of another show that was shit canned already?  Because Young Justice might be coming your way soon.  In live action.

-Finally, in what feels like the ALL WB edition, the studio and Leonardo DiCaprio plan on making a biopic out of the man responsibly for a good chunk of my childhood.  We’ll never get a Calvin and Hobbes film (for the best), but I’ll take a Bill Watterson film any day. 

This made me laugh.



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