ULTRAMAN heading back to the US with Blu Ray release and new film


And a whole lot more.

This past Sunday, in Hollywood Ca, Thai company Chaiyo announced the formation of ULTRAMAN USA INC.  A new group that will deal with all things Ultraman and Jamborg Ace for world wide distribution.  In a ribbon cutting ceremony, the group, led by Mr. Sompote Sands, made a slew of announcements regarding the statue of pop culture icon:  Ultraman.


Ultraman USA inc made a slew of announcements regarding several of the classic shows and some new projects they’re working on.

– Blu Ray release:  One of the first orders they plan to execute is the blu ray release of Ultra Q, Ultraman, UltraSeven, Return of Ultraman, Ultraman Ace and Ultraman Taro along with Jamborg Ace.  This will be the first time any of these shows have seen proper blu ray release stateside, in addition to a proper release of Return, Ace, Taro and Jamborg in the US.  The plan is to add an English dialog track with the releases for those who have a difficult time with subtitles.

– Merchandise: Several pieces were announced, mostly in the high end collector market:

20150510_144400 20150510_144454 20150510_151615 20150510_151604

Those last two pictures are the limited edition crystal Ultraman figurines.  Both will be limited to a run of about 900.

And the big news is the gearing up of production of a new film.  Tentatively titled:  ULTRAMAN VS GOMOLA in Japan OLYMPIC 2020.  The story that was given is that an alien kaiju named Gomola arrives on Earth causing a devastating earthquake in Japan before attacking the Tokyo Olympics.  This would lead to Ultraman arriving to save the day.  Just a quick run over of the description that was given.  And this is the kaiju in question for the film as well:


The film will boast modern Hollywood special effects and  forgo the classic man in suit approach the shows have used according to Sompote. The goal of the group is to have the film out around 2018.  A production team is already at work on not only this film but:

Jamborg Ace vs Ninja Panda:  The second film announced by the group.  Not much in detail was given about that movie other than the title and an update to Jamborg.

Exciting times to be a Kaiju fan.


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