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Exclusive: Interview with GOLAN THE INSATIABLE show runners Matt Silverstein and Dave Jeser


Learn exactly what the heck is Golan and why do you’ll want to watch it.
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Exclusive: Eric Lewald, the man behind X-MEN THE ANIMATED SERIES part 3


The epic final. Continue reading

Exclusive: Eric Lewald, the man behind X-MEN THE ANIMATED SERIES part 2


Deep in to production and talk of Exo suits. Continue reading

Exclusive- the Realm toys Interviews: Hasbro on their Marvel Toy Line


At this year’s San Diego Comic-Con we had the privilege to spend a few minutes talking to an old friend of the website Dwight Stoll, Senior Design Manager on Hasbro’s Marvel Line. You want a breakdown of what’s going on with Legends & Universe ending and all this hub-bub on the new Avengers Assemble/ Legends toylines? Check out our exclusive interview after the jump. Continue reading

Exclusive- JUSTICE LEAGUE: THE FLASHPOINT PARADOX SDCC 2013 Premiere interviews


At the premiere of the epicness that was Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox at this year’s Comic-Con we had the opportunity to speak with the cast & crew behind the 20th installment in the DC Animated DTV franchise. Check ’em out then head out to buy your copy of this great animated adaptation. Continue reading

Exclusive Interview: Dave Jeser & Matt Silverstein on AXE COP THE SERIES


Back at WonderCon, I had the chance to get a few minutes with the talented duo of Dave Jeser and Matt Silverstein. Check out our exclusive interview as they discuss they’re new job working with Fox for their ADHD programming block and show running the crown jewel of the block, Axe CopContinue reading

Counting Down to Long Beach Comic-Con with Martha Donato

Those of you that have followed me for awhile (and if you’re not, please do so now on Twitter, @The_Con_Fluence), know that Long Beach Comic-Con (LBCC) is one of my favorite tour stops of the year. So, it should be no surprise to you that I’m counting down the days until their next show, this November 3rd-November 4th. In anticipation of the show, I’m here with my annual interview Martha Donato, President of Mad Event Management. Continue reading

Video & Interview: Scarlett Johansson honored with star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

With the launch of the Avengers US release upon her, Scarlett Johansson was honored with a star on the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame this past Wednesday, May 2nd. We’ve got some great video from the ceremony as well as an interview where she speaks quite humbly about being honored with this staple of Hollywood. Continue reading

Interview: Martha Donato of Long Beach Comic Con and Expo

Those of you that have followed me for awhile (and if you’re not, please do so now on Twitter, @The_Con_Fluence), know that I’ve consistently enjoyed the last few years of Long Beach Comic-Con (LBCC), as well as their smaller one day sibling, the Long Beach Comic Expo (LBCE) the last few years. In fact, as of Sunday of WonderCon I began my countdown to the May 12th LBCE (as of this writing there are only 32 days to go!). In anticipation of the show, I requested another interview with the always gracious, Martha Donato, President of MAD Event Management, so that she could fill us in on some new details for this year’s show. Continue reading

Finding the Fun in Comics: An Interview with Jerry Ahern & Don Ventura of Cape Town Community

Comic books have always held a very special place in my life. I’ve often said it is only because of comics that I learned to read. Growing up in a non-traditional family setting, that featured many years of homelessness and nearly no time in elementary school, it was the world of DC and Marvel that shepherded me. It was through the wonderful pictures in these comics that I gradually learned the relationships between the words and the images. I’m not sure of the exact moment I began officially reading, rather than just looking at the pictures, but I’m sure Steve Rogers and Hal Jordan were present. Continue reading

Exclusive interview: Richard Epcar

Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo speaks! Continue reading

Exclusive interview: concept artist Billy King

A charming guy who has worked primarily in the video game industry. Continue reading

An Interview with Jimmy Jay on Amazing Arizona Comic-Con

There are few things as exciting to me as a new con.

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Exclusive Interview: BATMAN: YEAR ONE’s Ben McKenzie

Check out what the actor had to say about his first foray into voiceover work and playing the iconic Bruce Wayne/ Batman character from Frank Miller‘s groundbreaking graphic novel. Continue reading