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LEGO announces DOCTOR WHO and WALL-E coming to brick form


Just when you thought Lego could not get any cooler. Infinite possibilities people… INFINITE! Continue reading

ComiXology Celebrates Their 5-Year Digital Comics Anniversary


With A Special ComiXology Submit Bundle: 100 Books For 10 Bucks

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Review: Nintendo Super Mario Bros. White Spiked Blue Shell Backpack


This amazing backpack, which looks like it came straight out of a Super Mario Brothers video game, is shaped like a turtle shell and features soft white spikes attached all around Continue reading

LEGO GHOSTBUSTERS 30th Anniversary Set Announced!

Lego Ghostbusters

I ain’t afraid of no ghost! Continue reading

NERD NECESSITIES Hoilday Gift Guide 2013: Part 1 DVD and Blu-Ray




Picture not related.

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Agent Coulson Will Not Return in The Avengers 2: Age of Ultron!


I know..I’m just as heartbroken as you are. If you’ve listened to our podcasts, you know that I’m a huge Coulson fan and this is sad news.. Continue reading

Marvel Unveils Comic Con Poster for Thor 2!


That’s right! This new poster looks awesome and I hope the movie lives up to the hype! Continue reading

Season 4 The Walking Dead – New Daryl photo!


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Official First Look At Electro In The Amazing Spider-Man 2!

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Joss Whedon Intends to Make Avengers 2 with Robert Downey, Jr.!


Now, now. Don’t do what I did and get too excited. Read on and see why. Continue reading

Introducing: GameStick!


Tired of the same old plug and play games on your TV? Then try GameStick! Continue reading

First Look at new Optimus Prime and Autobot vehicles from Transformers 4!


Michael Bay strikes again, ladies and gentlemen. He’s changed the design for Optimus Prime. He must be stopped. Continue reading

Whoopi Goldberg joins TMNT cast! Really..?


Oh man, the hits just keep on coming for this instant classic in the making. Continue reading

New TV spot for Man of Steel!


I know I’ve been pretty skeptical about Man of Steel but I think I’m starting to come around after the release of the General Zod warning trailer. Continue reading