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Podcast- TAKE TWO: Episode 62 Waller’s Favorite Things

take 2 ep037 teaser Podcast  TAKE TWO: Episode 62 Wallers Favorite Things


Mad Max Fury Road poster preview Trailer: MAD MAX FURY ROAD

See dust tornadoes and men tossed like dolls Continue reading

Trailer: San Andreas

SAN ANDREAS F Trailer: San Andreas

The first trailer for the epic disaster film San Andreas was released today and the damn thing has left me shaken. (Pun intended.)  Continue reading

Podcast- TAKE TWO: Episode 61 Black Friday Podbuster

black friday Podcast  TAKE TWO: Episode 61 Black Friday Podbuster

The PodBuster returns! It’s that time of year again folks so grab your can of Surge Cola, sit back, relax, and allow the sultry holiday sounds of Chris & I getting you caught up in this week in pop culture. Continue reading


wpid img 2014120455332 Trailer: TERMINATOR GENISYS

Nearly a decade and a half ago “he” said he would be back (and not in CGI form). Today that prophecy was fulfilled. Continue reading

Trailer: Welcome…to Jurassic World!

JurassicWorld Trailer: Jurassic World!

It’s Disneyland with teeth and claws! Enjoy… Continue reading


strange magic movie image 4 Trailer: STRANGE MAGIC

The last thing George Lucas put his name on Continue reading

Trailer: SEVENTH SON (trailer 3)

seventh son Trailer: SEVENTH SON (trailer 3)

Yes this is still coming out. Continue reading

Trailer: PEANUTS (trailer 2)

Peanuts Christmas1 550x367 Trailer: PEANUTS (trailer 2)

One year from now Continue reading

Trailer: AVENGERS AGE OF ULTRON (extended)

avengers age of ultron poster1 405x600 Trailer: AVENGERS AGE OF ULTRON (extended)

Now with more Ultron Continue reading

Trailer: CHAPPIE

h4eehjc9lndb8pe5ctie Trailer: CHAPPIE

The latest from Neil Blomkamp Continue reading

Ooooooh! Minions Coming Soon

Minions e1379702679591 Ooooooh! Minions Coming Soon

The Minions are back! That’s right, those little, yellow lackeys of everything evil from Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2 are starring in their own film and the trailer has hit the web. Continue reading

Trailer: FURIOUS 7

ff7poster Trailer: FURIOUS 7

Possibly the last one. Continue reading


avengers age ultron logo Trailer  AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON

The interweb trolls have graced us with an early gift! Continue reading