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Trailer: ARROW- The Man under the Hood


A new trailer has been released for Arrow Season 2 Episode 19 along with this message: “25 hour warning!” Enjoy the epicness after the jump. Continue reading

Podcast- The RunDown: Arrow S2E17 Birds of Prey


In this weeks episode Sergio returns after a brief bout with a Mirakuru infection. He takes a few minutes to drop his thoughts on the Suicide Squad episode from the previous week, then we’re all in to Birds of Prey with the return of Huntress. Continue reading

Exclusive: Bronze Tiger confirms SUICIDE SQUAD is a GO!


Earlier today we had the opportunity to sit down and interview actor Michael Jai White. He was gracious enough to set up this interview opportunity after our original sit down had to be rescheduled due to his filming schedule.  Continue reading

Podcast- The RunDown: Arrow S2E16 Suicide Squad


This week unfortunately Serg has taken ill as the Mirakuru is still working it’s way through his system. We’re not sure if he’s gonna pull through, but that won’t stop us from recording this week’s Arrow Rundown. Continue reading

Video: ARROW Suicide Squad producer’s preview


This just went up on the CW YouTube channel. Check out this preview behind the scenes clip to this week’s episode, Suicide Squad. Continue reading

Podcast- The RunDown: Arrow S2E15 The Promise


This week we’ve got a jam-packed Rundown for you. We recap Season 2, Episode 15- The Promise, by far one of the most powerful episodes of this season. Some incredible reveals from the island that lead to the breakdown between Oliver & Slade. Additionally we touch on something you may have forgotten about Slade and a couple of emails from 2 of our listeners. Continue reading

Podcast- The RunDown: Arrow S2E14 Time of Death


This week we recap Time of Death with guest star Robert Knepper who plays William Tockman (aka the Clock King). A hell of an episode with an epic ending cliffhanger that left me running around the living room yelling OMG! Continue reading

Trailer: ARROW Season 2 The Promise


I was about to go to bed (as I have to be up for work in 4 hours) and then I came across this EPIC trailer for the handful of episodes that remain for season 2 of CW’s Arrow. Continue reading

Too Much Free Time: Weekend at Superman’s!


Oh snap! Do you think it was the Krypnotic shots that did it? LMAO! Continue reading

Podcast- TAKE TWO: Episode 26 Sexy Time Predator

sexy predator

This is a jam packed episode for you. Coming in at a whopping 1hr 49mins Chris & I sit down to discuss Toy Fair 2014. Oh there’s so much sweety sweet toy goodness! Sit back, relax and enjoy the epicness that is this year’s Toy Fair reveals. Continue reading

TOY FAIR 2014: DC COLLECTIBLES & Mattel reveals


DC Collectibles- Err-mah-gherd!!! #TakeMyMoney #MustHave!
Mattel- You will NEVER see a penny of my money again! #GoToHell #GiveUpTheDCLicense #StopRuiningIt Continue reading

Podcast- The RunDown: Arrow S2E13 Heir to the Demon


An incredibly epic episode this past week which featured the return of Black Canary, the introduction of Ra’s Al Ghul’s other daughter- Nyssa and one hell of a secret making it’s way out of the woodwork. Sit back relax and listen as we recap episode 13 of Arrow’s season 2, Heir to the Demon. Continue reading



As most of you know, I have a deep love for the DC Animated Universe. I was very excited when I heard they were releasing an animated film based on the graphic novel, Justice League Origin. The movie definitely didn’t disappoint! Continue reading

Exclusive- JUSTICE LEAGUE: WAR 2014 Premiere interviews


At the west coast premiere for Justice League: War at the Paley Center for Media we had the opportunity to speak with the cast & crew behind this installment in the DC Animated DTV franchise. Continue reading